Somayeh Kariman, István Kunos

Institute of Management Science, University of Miskolc, Institute of Management Science, Miskolc, Hungary

Abstract: Recent studies in multicultural societies have begun to integrate sociological ideas into the modeling of personal behavior. In particular, this new approach emphasizes how social interdependence influences the way a person behaves and communicates. By developing communication skills, international students can reduce individual stress, improve their academic achievements, and also become successful in the job market by integrating and cooperating better with people who have different cultural backgrounds. In addition, digitalization has become a widespread global phenomenon and the main driving force in this era of mankind. Introducing new technologies to any organization doesn’t mean it’s easy and involves many challenges, like the acceptance and adoption of new technologies by employees and customers. In this field, Davis (1985) introduced the technology acceptance model to determine the individual usage of technology. Therefore, the objective of our research is to analyze the factors that affect international students’ communication skills via the usage of email at the University of Miskolc, Hungary, based on applying the technology acceptance model and transformational leadership. Unfortunately, we could not access all the international students because of COVID-19 and restrictions. Therefore, our sample size is not big enough.

Keyword: Technology Acceptance Model, Transformational Leadership, Behavioral intention.

JEL classification: D83, M14.



Kariman, S., Kunos, I., 2022. Improving International Students’ Communication Skills and Integration at the University of Miskolc by the Combination of Leadership and Technology Acceptance Model. Oradea Journal of Business and Economics, 7(special), pp. 86 – 99,