Table of contents

Determinants of Accounting Creativity: Empirical Analysis on Romanian SMEs in Construction Industry
Daniela Pordea, Dorel Mateș

Optimal Monetary Areas and Monetary Policy. An Analysis over World Power Centers
Tudor Mugurel Aursulesei, Ștefan Cătălin Topliceanu

The Relationship between Aims, Methods and their Financial Aspects in the Case of Social Innovations in the Field of District Heating
Gábor Béla Süveges

The Effect of Products Attributes Customer Satisfaction on Brand Loyalty in the Electronic Appliances Industry: Case of Jordan
Nemer Aburumman, Asisa Nieto

Social Accounting – Source of Relevant Information in Assessing the Social Responsibility of the Organization
Carmen-Florentina Păunescu

Business Ethics Course on Student Moral Reasoning
Ascaryan Rafinda,, Tímea Gál, Putri Purwaningtyas

Health Tourism in Two SPA Resorts: Baile Felix (Romania) and Balaruc-Les-Bains (France). A Comparative View
Simona-Violeta Ardelean, Alexandrina-Florina Teușdea

Will Romania’s Strategy of Development Affect the Integration of the Sustainable Development in the Accounting of Romanian Entities?
Maria-Mădălina Bogeanu-Popa

The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Income and Education Inequality Through Economic Growth in East Java
Muhammad Abdul Ghofur, Lucky Rachmawati

Involvement of Accounting Profession in Quality of Non-Financial Reporting
Nicoleta-Daniela Milu