Leen Bakerjian

University of Debrecen, Geza Marton Doctoral School of Legal Studies, Debrecen, Hungary


Abstract: This article argues that the governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the communications and environmental practices done in the name of it should all recognize that the corporation is an aesthetic phenomenon. Through logos, trademarks, websites and product advertisement CSR practices are being aesthetically projected. In turn, this misleads and influences the consumer about the corporation’s environmental performance and compliance with CSR regulations. As a result, the article argues that the aesthetic nature of a corporation must be taken into consideration when punishing dishonest corporate behavior through governance methods. The illusion a corporation can create in claiming it is “green”, can create difficulties for regulations, therefore, tackling the wrongful and misleading statements about a corporation’s products can be more beneficial than focusing on the broader aesthetic of a corporation. Social and environmental activists play a subversive role in the equation which can help with unveiling the green mask. Though history has shown that these narratives can play a limited role in re-establishment, lawful regulation can assist these narratives in forming a more rigid practice when it comes to CSR and greenwashing.

Keywords: CSR, Greenwashing, Environmental, Aesthetic, Consumerism

JEL Classification: M14, K13, K32, K33



Bakerjian, L., 2022. The Aesthetic Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility and Greenwashing. Oradea Journal of Business and Economics, 7(1), pp. 98-108, http://doi.org/10.47535/1991ojbe141