Residential students have been advised to terminate housing contracts after the university officially attends online courses starting Wednesday. “For a student in the best situation, it means he loses a lot of money,” Comino said. “And the worst situation is that some of our students and peers are going to be homeless, going back to abusive houses, dangerous homes, because they`re not only going to be homeless, they`re going to spend all the money they`ve spent on this apartment.” The 5,000 or so tar heels that lived in student housing were advised yesterday to look for another option. In the last exam, 2,251 students requested the termination of housing contracts and 2,014 exit dates are planned. Cancel your housing contract in writing To terminate your housing contract, you must do so in writing. Notification to other university departments cannot result in cancellations. You can terminate your housing contract by sending Carolina Housing at (recommended) by email or fax to 919-962-1006. Include your full name, PID and a statement that you want to cancel your accommodation. “UNC system students, please read your housing contract for next year,” she wrote.

“They don`t pay for the accommodation if we have to move.” “While there are no more housing available on campus during the fall semester because of COVID-19, the university`s current approach is to offer proportional housing reimbursements, as it did during the spring semester,” said UNC Media Relations. “This information, along with other contractual and operational information, will be published by Carolina Housing in the coming days.” For students who move in the fall, housing contracts are issued for the entire academic year (autumn and spring semester). Students entering the spring semester receive only contracts for the spring semester. Residents cannot terminate their residency agreement to move to another facility that is not operated by Carolina Housing, such as private off-campus apartments, fraternity or sorority. The amended contract states that “in the case of such temporary closures, restrictions and/or adjustments to the schedule of housing services, the university is not required to issue a partial refund or credit for such interruptions or adjustments.” All housing students are bound by the housing and catering contract, which they approve at the time of their housing application. Bill Roper, ACTing President of the UNC System, had previously issued a proportional refund in March for unused housing and catering services for all students due to the closure of the COVID 19 campus. Comino said she found the addendum to the housing contract in an email they received Monday about the collection procedures. According to Carolina Housing, UNC-CH may terminate a student`s housing contract for non-disciplinary reasons if a student is no longer allowed to register after the contract is signed, withdraws from university before the contract expires, has documented health or psychological reasons, or has changed financial conditions that require termination of the contract or leaves Chapel Hill for the duration of the contract for study abroad or an internship.