Mzumbe University, Morogoro, Tanzania


Abstract: The study investigated the influence of organizational resources on implementation of strategic plans (SPs) in Tanzania’s Local Government Authorities. The idea behind was to establish the influence of available resources (financial, human, material and information) on implementation of SPs in LGAs. The underlying theory on this study was resource-based view. The study opted Pragmatism philosophy which hinges on the mixed methods approach (explanatory sequential design), and the study was a cross- sectional, where data were collected at one point in time. The sample size of 204 respondents was drawn from a target population of 860 employees in five randomly selected LGAs in Morogoro region. The findings revealed that, all predictors (financial, human, material and information resources) had a statistically significant positive relationship with the implementation of SPs in LGAs: Whereby, financial resources had (t=2.147, P=0.033<Alpha=0.05); human resources had (t=1.977, P=0.049<Alpha=0.05); material resources had (t=3.822, P=0.000<Alpha=0.05) and information resources had (t=4.783, P=0.000<Alpha=0.05). Also, the value of R2=0.335 indicated that, 33.5% of variation on the execution of SPs was influenced by all predictors in the model, thus other factors not included in the study model contributed 66.5% of implementation process in LGAs. The study recommends that, LGAs should allocate enough funds, quality employees, enough offices and facilities as well as improved ICT infrastructures for the successful implementation of their SPs.

Keywords: organisational resources, strategic plans, Local Government Authorities, Pragmatisms, Mixed method design

JEL classification: C12, C18, M10, M19.


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Shlilingi, V., Mwakasangula, E., 2024. The Influence of Organizational Resources on Implementation of Strategic Plans in Tanzanian’s Local Government Authorities. Oradea Journal of Business and Economics, 9(1), pp. 19-33.