POLITICAL Starter Rental Date October 20101. Political Statement1.1 DefinitionIn this day, start-up tenancies have been used on selected real estate as part of the HousingAssociation`s broader strategy to combat antisocial behaviour and reach sustainable communities. In accordance with current good practices in social housing, we propose to expose start-up tenancies to all new tenants in all general needs and protected real estate. The structured contact model, which is accompanied by the introduction of StarterTenancies, offers the housing team a number of opportunities to connect with all new tenants in general needs and protected real estate; Promote the work of the association, including opportunities for resident participation and control of local residents, and opportunities for public offerings. Existing customers who transfer or enter into mutual exchanges retain their current lease conditions and are not affected by the changes to this directive. Start-up tenancies do not apply to Extra Care properties. This policy change reflects the approach taken in SSHA`s neighbourhood strategy and in our local offering. The objectives are: – – the promotion of the stability and cohesion of the Community in order to reach sustainable communities that people want and aspire to live. Provide personalized assistance to all new tenants to ensure that all opportunities are explored to allow them to maintain their rent. These include a series of financial inclusion measures (for example. B maximizing services and signage for other aids), as well as identifying and signaling any other necessary support (e.g.

B.CAB). Reducing rental turnover by increasing the average length of a lease and minimizing empty real estate to allow ongoing investments in our municipalities and neighbourhoods to maintain their financial viability. Get maximum customer satisfaction by sending a clear message to tenants and others that harassment and anti-social behaviour are being taken seriously by the South Staffordshire Housing Association as we improve our relationship between tenants who want to see action in these areas. Page: 1 out of 7 – Rental arrears. In accordance with our rent withdrawal procedure, the South Staffordshire Housing Association will actively take legal action to recover the debt.5 Appeal procedure – If a tenant of a starting landlord is dissatisfied with the association`s decision to terminate its tenancy agreement, the tenant can use the formal claim procedure. When the housing company`s claims system is exhausted, the matter can be dealt with by the Independent Housing Ombudsman and the tenant is informed in writing of his decision.6