Nemer Aburumman, Jihad Fraij, Róbert Szilágyi

University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Management and Business, Department of Business Informatics, Debrecen, Hungary

Abstract: In a world of nonstop developing technology, Blockchain has become a trusted tool to apply transparency in the public sector. The consensus mechanism provides trusted data that can support clear and adjusted as well as well-structured procedures. Nowadays, the public sector can increase trust by adapting Blockchain applications in the services offered to be e-government portals. In this paper, the researchers review the literature to identify the potential use cases and application of Blockchain in e-government services. This new technology along with its related applications will be discussed and defined. Moreover, the possibilities of using Blockchain in the public sector and its impact on organizational transformation, financial management, and performance are increasing.

The study concluded that the use of blockchain technologies and applications is still limited in the public sector. Obstacles and barriers are related mostly to (security and privacy) and law and by-laws support. This paper will provide a useful reference for researchers in blockchain applications and their impact on e-government and propose future research questions that need to be addressed to inform how the public sector should approach the blockchain technology adoption.

Keywords: Blockchain, E-Government, Public sector, electronic government



Aburuman, N., Fraji, J., and Szilagyi, R., 2020. Digitalization: the use of blockchain in public sector. Oradea Journal of Business and Economics, 5(2), pp. 72-82,