Insist on a refund if the employee is not developing – The standard investment agreement requires the employer to pay 100% of the costs long before the employer can fully assess whether the worker is meeting its needs. Recruitment agencies have a large number of approaches to dealing with staff who resign or are fired within a specified time frame after hiring. However, in most agency contracts, the Agency will eventually maintain the full cost. The typical provisions of the agency are: able to recruit temporary workers and permanent employees WHEREAS: the company wishes to entrust to the staff recruitment services under the conditions provided by this agreement, and the recruiter, for his part, wishes to be hired by the company to provide this recruitment and the human resources service (HR) under these conditions. Note: This document is suitable for use by an agency. Use this agreement for an employment company. You may need both if your business covers both types of rental. PandaTip: This is the most important clause of this agreement on the recruitment strategy, and it is the most likely to be challenged, so it is important to design it very clearly. Is the headhunter paid a fixed fee or a percentage? Or maybe he has elements of both? Are the costs of the recruiter (or part of the recruiter) contingent on the candidate remaining in the role for a period of time? Should the payment be paid to the headhunter, even if no candidate is found? We take examples: $10,000 ($10,000) to Sign On; 15% of the candidate`s annual salary for Sign On; The sum of $5,000 ($5,000) to be paid at the signing of this agreement and 20% of the annual salary of the candidate for Sign On; $10,000 ($10,000) to Sign On and 20% of the candidate`s salary once they have spent six months working with the company. PandaTip:If you want this recruitment strategy contract to last less than 180 days or continue indefinitely, you can modify or remove this sub-clause. Recruitment commitments – Recruiter`s obligations are often poorly defined.