In the joint statement by Federica Mogherini and Gebran Bassil of the EU-Lebanon Association Council of 18 July 2017, it was stated that the Association Council had also agreed to continue discussions on the signing of a partnership for mobility” (EU Council 2017b, p. 2). However, this was a prospect in which, on the Lebanese side, there was some reluctance. As explained in an interview with EEAS staff in Brussels, the MP could first be seen as an EU proposal on the specific conditions of the Arab Spring in the first half of 2011. There were discussions between the parties and even a text that was not far from a possible final agreement. However, events in the region and the internal crisis in Lebanon froze the negotiations. The Brussels agreement provided that a signed agreement (in the form of a final MEMBER) was seen as a commitment that Lebanon did not want to accept at the moment, partly because it might tend to codify the permanent presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and, in part, because the Lebanese feared being bound by agreements they considered “too tangible” for visas and readmission. The adaptive pressure of domestic industry is partially offset by other factors. As reconstruction is nearing completion, prices for non-negotiable goods are expected to decline as a result of improved business environment efficiency, improved services, improved infrastructure and the elimination of “bottles. These factors will strengthen the competitiveness of the Lebanese economy, which will reduce the effects of increased external competition under the free trade agreement and partially offset the reduction in the ERP. The higher the share of services in inputs, the greater the share in which the provision of better quality services can improve a product`s competitiveness. Hoekman (1996) estimates that assuming that the cost of services in Lebanon decreases by 10 per cent linearly during the contract implementation period and that service prices remain constant, the average ERP will rise from 4 per cent to 10 per cent.